Who We Are

Hoopoe Books is an imprint of The Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge (ISHK), an educational nonprofit founded more than five decades ago. Our goal is to publish books that not only entertain but help children and young adults understand themselves and their world.

Hoopoe Books’ traditional tales uncover the ancient and wonderful world of oral and written storytelling from a time before societies had formal schools, when stories were the way in which everyone learned the much-needed universal lessons of empathy and appreciation of all cultures. Hoopoe’s stories have been commended by Western educators and psychologists, the Library of Congress, National Public Radio and other media for their unique ability to foster social-emotional development, thinking skills and perception in children and adults alike.

“…a series of children’s books that have captivated the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. The books are tales from a rich tradition of story telling from Central Asia and the Middle East. Stories told and retold to children, by campfire and candlelight, for more than a thousand years. Through repeated readings, these stories provoke fresh insight and more flexible thought in children. Beautifully illustrated.” —The Magazine of the National Education Association

As an imprint of the educational nonprofit ISHK, Hoopoe Books also offers other outreach programs, including Share Literacy, Books for Afghanistan, and Books for Pakistan.