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Neem the Half-Boy by Idries Shah

Because she fails to follow the precise instructions given to her by Arif the Wise Man, The Queen of Hich-Hich gives birth to a half-boy. That Neem is able to make himself complete by an act of cleverness, negotiation and compromise teaches children more than the expected, usual lesson of bravery.

This enchanting tale of Prince Neem, the King and Queen of Hich-Hich, Arif the Wise Man, fairies and a fire-breathing dragon is marvelously and magically illustrated by Midori Mori and Robert Revels.


Fun Projects for Children


Audio Recordings

Six  titles by Idries Shah are available here in Dari, Pashto and English, each recorded with page-turn signals so that children can read along with the story.

You can save the MP3s to your computer by right-clicking the “Dari MP3”, “Pashto MP3” or “English MP3” and choosing “Save link as” or “Download linked file” (it may be worded a little differently depending on your browser).


Teacher Guides

“Teachers appreciate the opportunity to use stories from our own country together with modern, well-researched teaching strategies. In this way Afghan children not only learn the literacy skills they need but also become familiar with these classic stories, think about them and learn from them. Teachers found the guides easy to use and particularly appreciated the evaluation charts provided in each, allowing them an easy way to evaluate their children’s progress.” — Palwasha Salam, Director of Education, KOR-Hoopoe, Afghanistan

We provide self-explanatory, step-by-step Teacher Guides for each title, with lesson plans clearly laid out for six days, but flexible enough to allow for different class times. While culturally sensitive, these lesson plans enable teachers to use the latest skills and strategies for literacy and high-level thinking skills, including critical and analogical thought, and social-emotional development.

The activities in each guide include:


Read-aloud reading activities designed to enhance:

  • Oral language through questions and discussion
  • Higher-level thinking skills, including the ability to generate analogies
  • Story comprehension through repetition
  • Making the story your own, providing learning that lasts
  • Social-emotional development


  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • Activities designed around these strategies and skills
  • Personal response, including discussion
  • Drawing and retelling
  • Building reading and writing skills
  • Developing reading vocabulary
  • Identifying word patterns
  • Thinking skills, including the ability to generate analogies


  • To determine and evaluate individual student and classroom progress


  • Children sharing Hoopoe stories with their family and community
  • Children collecting stories from their family and community