Update on our English-Ukrainian Bilingual Editions:

August 2, 2022

In the UK                                                                         

 As of today – 16,800 books have been distributed to various organizations, among them:

The Association of Ukrainian women UKUATogether.org Polish White Eagle Club, London – Refugee Hub serving local families received 1,200 books. Libraries Connected  And an additional 180 UK Libraries, selected for their proximity to Ukrainian communities.

In Poland

All 27,000 Ukrainian-English bilingual Hoopoe books printed in Poland are packed up and ready to be distributed by a team of 17 incredible volunteers. These pallet loads of books will go to children in Poland and to refugees in border towns between Ukraine and Poland. We have also managed to get 16,000 copies on to a humanitarian convoy run by OGDM which left from Warsaw going into the heart of Ukraine.

Military Children’s Six Foundation Mission of Hope to Poland has picked up their 2,000 copies of The Bird’s Relative and has distributed them to Ukrainian families in the Warsaw area.

In the near future: 

4,000 books will be distributed via ‘Fundacja Ocalenie’ 
4,000 books via Rescue foundation

Any remaining book will be distributed by Polish Humanitarian Action, an international humanitarian organization. If not, they will distribute these same titles – as soon as we are able to print them –  in Ukrainian-Polish.