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Kashfi’s Children & Hoopoe Storybooks in English-Ukrainian & German-Ukrainian Bilingual Editions

The Western world has united against Russian aggression in Ukraine. We are horrified by the assault on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and the loss of civilian lives. The refugee crisis is significant and growing. Tens of thousands continue to leave Ukraine each day, with the total now of over three million. Most of the refugees are women, children and the elderly. Over two million people are now in Poland.

We are joining with the nonprofit Kashfi’s Children, our partners in the UK, to produce English-Ukrainian and German-Ukrainian titles which we plan to get into the hands of children and families who have been displaced.

A beautifully illustrated storybook in one’s own language can be an enormous comfort in unfamiliar surroundings. As most of our friends know, Shah’s teaching-stories foster young readers’ self‐esteem and perception in a unique way. They are wonderfully entertaining, share positive messages and encourage young readers to think about how we are all similar to each other rather than stressing our differences. They are deliberately ambiguous at the end, which helps foster discussion and often relays a gentle lesson, depending on the reader’s current mindset or situation.

Ultimately the books will offer a way for grandmothers, mothers, caregivers and children to bond, creating a safe space during what is a tumultuous time. As we know from our work in Afghanistan, this particular type of story is enormously useful for people who have been exposed to and displaced by war.

We will start with nine titles by Idries Shah. There will be three new KC-Hoopoe titles: Oinkink; The Bird’s Relative; and The Spoiled Boy with the Terribly Dry Throat; and six Hoopoe titles: The Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal; The Farmer’s Wife; The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water; Neem the Half-Boy; The Silly Chicken; and Fatima the Spinner and the Tent. 


Books for Refugees provides German-Dari and German-Arabic Hoopoe Books for Afghan Refugees in Greece

August 14, 2022
Books for Refugees donated copies of 12 bilingual Hoopoe German-Dari and German-Arabic editions to Lifting Hands International (LHI), in Northern Greece. LHI provides support for refugees and asylum seekers, including a library with books in Arabic, Farsi/Dari, German, English, French, and Greek. They also provide learning materials, instruction and activities in English and German for adults and children. We are very happy to include Hoopoe books in this important program.

Update on our English-Ukrainian Bilingual Editions:

August 2, 2022

In the UK                                                                         

 As of today - 16,800 books have been distributed to various organizations, among them:

The Association of Ukrainian women UKUATogether.org Polish White Eagle Club, London – Refugee Hub serving local families received 1,200 books. Libraries Connected  And an additional 180 UK Libraries, selected for their proximity to Ukrainian communities.

In Poland

All 27,000 Ukrainian-English bilingual Hoopoe books printed in Poland are packed up and ready to be distributed by a team of 17 incredible volunteers. These pallet loads of books will go to children in Poland and to refugees in border towns between Ukraine and Poland. We have also managed to get 16,000 copies on to a humanitarian convoy run by OGDM which left from Warsaw going into the heart of Ukraine.

Military Children's Six Foundation Mission of Hope to Poland has picked up their 2,000 copies of The Bird’s Relative and has distributed them to Ukrainian families in the Warsaw area.

In the near future: 

4,000 books will be distributed via 'Fundacja Ocalenie' 
4,000 books via Rescue foundation

Any remaining book will be distributed by Polish Humanitarian Action, an international humanitarian organization. If not, they will distribute these same titles – as soon as we are able to print them -  in Ukrainian-Polish.

Books for Afghan Refugees

November 13, 2021

The U.S. evacuated more than 65,000 Afghans from their homeland before the final withdrawal of U.S. troops, which took place one minute before the August 31, 2021, deadline set by President Biden. Since then, 24,000 Afghan refugees have arrived in the U.S., with 23,000 waiting on U.S. military bases abroad and 20,000 waiting in other countries. 

More than 40% of these evacuees are children, many of whom are by themselves and not with their families.

Since 2009, Hoopoe Books has offered special bilingual Dari-Pashto editions of its books and has donated them to more than 5.4 million children throughout Afghanistan. Sadly, the Taliban takeover has forced us to suspend this Books for Afghanistan  program indefinitely. We have now turned our efforts to welcoming newly arrived young Afghan emigrants to their new homes, by giving them these same traditional tales from their own country in beautiful, illustrated bilingual editions that pair Dari or Pashto – the two main languages of Afghanistan – with either English, French or German.

When asked to describe her impression of these children, Krish O'Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, said: “They're incredible in the sense (of) the resilience – you can see it on their faces. There's obviously hope and excitement about a new future in a new country. There's certainly anxiety and fear, because even though they are children, they still know the potential risks for family that they've left behind.”

We hope we can assist in welcoming young Afghans as they arrive in the West, by providing stories that help them continue to read in their mother tongue and, at the same time, learn to read in the language of their new home. They’ll be able to share these stories from their homeland with their new friends. We will continue to provide these books free of charge, as long as there is a need and generous friends who enable us to keep this program going.

So far, 11,818 bilingual English-Dari and English-Pashto Hoopoe books have been donated to 21 refugee programs in the U.S alone. Under the circumstances, photos of the recipients are hard to come by, but we did receive one of a little girl named Meherangez, who is now in Sacramento, California. Someone stuck a unicorn’s horn and ears on her head – and though we’re sure she has no idea what a unicorn is, her bemused but indulgent smile indicates that she’s letting it all flow over her with great aplomb.


240 Copies of The Silly Chicken by Idries Shah donated to Kabultec late December 2020

“Our Afghan refugee families in the Washington, D.C. area will love this beautifully illustrated children’s book. Because it tells a story from Afghanistan the book will bring special joy to the children and parents alike. These families have undergone extreme hardships and struggle with difficult adaptation challenges daily … The short, simple and humorous story in The Silly Chicken ... is certain to give all family members a great deal of pleasure.” Read the full letter.
Nasrine Gross
President/Founder, Kabultec


Hoopoe books are now helping Afghan and Syrian refugees stranded in camps in Greece.

"These books are truly amazing, thank you. They are proving very popular, particularly with adults wanting to practice their European languages, but also with children, with everyone! Particularly the Dari books, Afghans are loving them - there is so little else in our collection, as most of our Farsi language books are from Iran and have a Persian bias. They have enriched our collection so we can offer more to our wonderful library users."
Volunteer – ECHO Mobile Library Reading Program, Greece


The Word Has Spread!

We've received another request for books for refugees, this time from the International School of Peace, which provides free school and  school supplies for the children among the 20,000 refugees in Lesvos, Greece. The International School of Peace is in need of 33 copies of each of our English-Dari and English-Arabic books by Idries Shah, to distribute to their children from Afghanistan and Syria (726 books total).


Appreciation from The International School of Peace

“The books have arrived and they are beautiful, thank you very much! 

"I have some sad news, last Saturday, a week ago our school was burn completely, we are working on the plan of re-building the school, our main goal is to keep educate our students, also in this hard time.

“Due to Corona virus we cannot have an educational activities at the moment, we have decided to give to our students homework and books so the can continue learn also now. 

"We gave them some of the great books with explanation of how to work and learn with them. 

“Hopefully we will be able to see them soon and see their progress.”

Anat, Headquarters Coordinator – The International School of Peace