Welcome to Books for Refugees

Help children learn to read in their mother tongue and in the language of their new home

Bilingual Hoopoe books give refugee children a head start

Hoopoe publishes universal stories from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan in bilingual editions, pairing the reader’s mother tongue with the Western language he or she will need for the future. These beautiful, illustrated books are ideal for both school-age children and ESL classes.

We would like to reach many more refugee camps and community centers, where families forced to leave their homeland are stranded — not only in the English-speaking world, but in Europe and the Middle East. These children are without storybooks in their own languages and from their own culture. Too many children are missing months, even years of school at a time when a love of reading and learning can mean so much for their lives.

Your donation will help us to provide more translations and more books to those in need.